Darjeeling In June: A Rainy Romance

Darjeeling in June: A Rainy Romance

Darjeeling In June: A Rainy Romance

As June approaches, Kolkata and the southern regions of Bengal are panting. The heat and sweat are excruciating for Kolkata-bound Bengalis in June. Climate change has made this unbearable heat even worse. I get mad when Mom asks me to go to the market. Bazar again!! You know if you are not served non-vegetarian and fish in a Bengali house, you are not welcome. There is no way Bengalis can live without non-vegetarian food for a single day. But Fish Bazar in June? The moment you enter the market, the brief chill feeling of the early morning evaporates in a single moment.

The Hopeful Promise of Rain

It is June that brings that hope – a strange hope of rain. She will come, she is coming – this is a pledge. The month of June informs everyone that rain will come. Everyone is sitting and hoping for when the monsoon will enter Kerala. Then only 10 days, only ten days at most Rain will enter Kolkata. Or it could be 14 days, or three weeks if the time is too long. But June will not pass, rain will fall in between.

This is like a wonderful hope of life in Bengali homes. Like, on the day of celebration of son-in-law’s after a new marriage, the mother-in-law has high hopes for her son-in-law. Sometimes that hope flickers and fades. The mother-in-law knows that her son-in-law does not possess the money to bribe. Still, she would not have to worry about her son-in-law being unemployed if the next SSC exam starts since he did an MA in English. Getting a job in school without bribery? In Bengali homes, June is just like that. It’s a long, long wait , but a big hope for the rain – sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain.

Exploring Darjeeling in June

Scorching in the heat for months, many Bengalis think of Darjeeling in June. Bengalis, especially Bengalis from Calcutta, have some weird ideas. For example, most Bengalis think Bengali means Calcutta. Bengalis are Calcutta-born. As well, , they think Darjeeling in June is nothing but landslides, torrential rain, fog, and clouds all day. So, even though there are great invitations to visit Darjeeling in June, Bengalis turn them down right away. Bengali believes that watching Discovery of Darjeeling at home will not be a problem.

However, this Bengali stale joke has nothing to do with the real Darjeeling hills. Despite the possibility of landslides in Sikkim and Kalimpong, you would not see much along the Siliguri to Darjeeling route. Landslides have not happened much in Darjeeling and its surroundings. It is partly because of British architecture and engineering. Darjeeling’s topography also saved it from landslides.

Darjeeling’s Rainy Charms

There is a common misconception among Bengalis that if it rains, you will be unable to move in the mountains as they will lose their visibility. Rather, in reality, long periods without rain, particularly from December to March or April, greatly reduce the visibility of the mountains. It also diminishes the beauty of hills. In my opinion, Kanchenjunga does not look very attractive. Black fogs surround it most of the time, obscuring its visibility.

Along with Kanchenjunga, people visit Darjeeling Hill to admire its small towns clinging to the mountainside, the beacons of light emanating from its tiny houses at night, and the beauty of early morning tea gardens, with the water dripping from tea tree leaves, the scent, and the sound of the water mesmerizing people.The joy, beauty, and feeling of Darjeeling will never be understood if it does not rain. As a matter of fact, the life of a mountain is its rain. Whenever it rains, the plants grow, and they become green like a young Santali girl. Like the Negro youth, the road becomes black and strong. Tea plants produce new light yellow leaves, similar to Gorkha youth. As soon as it rains, ferns, orchids, and mosses appear like young artists. Together, they construct houses from mountain to mountain. Darjeeling Hill is, therefore, a paragon of beauty.

Perfect Weather in Darjeeling

The weather in Darjeeling in June is pleasant. During this time, the maximum temperature is 26 degrees and the minimum temperature is 19 degrees. The days in Darjeeling are long in June. It is a bright morning before five o’clock. The daylight lasts until 6.30 pm. Sunrise is at 4.45 am, and sunset is at 6.30 pm. Darjeeling has more than 15 hours of daylight per day in June.

After the rain, the mountains wake up anew. The light cold air will touch your skin and hair pores. To get a winter vibe, a half sleeve shirt is perfect. Wearing the half-sleeve shirt will allow you to enjoy Darjeeling’s light cold. You are visiting Darjeeling to experience its sweet cold. Kolkata is there to enjoy the heat. So Even when it is cold, wear a half-shirt.

Darjeeling Hotel Summer Palace

Imagine that you are standing on the balcony of the Darjeeling Hotel Summer Palace wearing a half-sleeved shirt and drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Unexpectedly, a young sun shines gently on your tea. Unknown cloud girls are coming without warning in order to touch that young, bright sunlight. In an instant, the clouds wet your window glass, the dressing table mirror, and the yellow chandelier. When they touch you, their hands feel like cotton on your hair and on your clothing. they all came because of the auspicious arrival of rain. It is accompanied by the smell of rain and fog. In nature, there is nothing like the smell of getting everything you need. In your cup of tea, those flavors are blending together. An amazing romance.

Dancing in the Rain

There is an 80% chance of rain in Darjeeling in June. Bring a raincoat to enjoy the rain. You should also keep a pair of nice rainboots with you. If you do not wet your hair like my braids, you will not be able to enjoy Darjeeling in June. For a complete understanding of Darjeeling, if you wish to fall in love with it, you do not need to carry an umbrella. Put on a stylish raincoat and walk around in the rain. You will miss all the fun of June if you do not go out on the streets of Darjeeling when the rain comes. Make sure you have a cap, shoes, and a raincoat. A pair of sunglasses is a must. It will be a pleasant time to visit Darjeeling at this time since there will be little winter, little rain, and little sunshine

Darjeeling In June: A Rainy Romance

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